Surat dimaond traders arrested in China again

Surat, 23 October 2013

Ahead of Diwali, 19 persons belonging to Indian diamond industry are arrested in China for smuggling of Rs. 250 crore diamonds. 3 of them are from family of Surat based diamond companies. Others are diamond industry employees from China and India. The arrests were made following arrest of a courier on Shenzhen border on 18 September. Most of the arrests were made on Monday this week. A team of 400 members strong anti smuggling team carried out an operation under which the arrests were made.

According to the details available, Hong Kong has no tax, while Shenzhen has provision of tax. Shenzhen based diamond traders travel to Hong Kong and source rough diamond from diamond dealers. They bring such diamonds to Shenzhen. The traders in Shenzhen hide diamonds in bag or in body ad sell them in China after polishing it in Shenzhen itself.

It should be mentioned that in year 2010, Surat and Mumbai’s 21 diamond traders were arrested in China and faced two years prison. Crores of Rupees had to be spent for their case and release. 3 Diamond traders involved in that case are still in Chinese prison.