Centre approves Surat Solar City master plan

Surat, 27 October 2013

Ministry of Renewable Energy, Government of India has approved Surat Municipal Corporation(SMC)’s solar city master plan. SMC had prepared a master plan for solar city for 2011-2016 period. However due to delay in approval from centre, the period of completion is extended to one year. This means the master plan will be completed in 2017.

SMC will invest 20% as per Rs. 7320 crore master plan. Thus SMC will share Rs. 463 crore, industries will share Rs. 5121 crore. Rs 386 crore will be invested in commercial while Rs. 1348 crore in residential sector. Public Private Partnership will be encouraged. Government will not give grant but will provide support through subsidy. SMC has targeted 24 MW power generation. 11.04 MW work is completed while 6.03 MW task is in tended process. Another 6.03 MW work is left.

SMC has erected solar and wind power plant at Saurashtra’s Bhanvad and at Science center within the city.

Payback period in solar power plant is 10-12 years, while in wind power farms 7-8 years.

SMC has installed LED at ten places in every zone. SMC plans to install LED at all smaller light poles in near future with target to save more than 20% power bill.

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