Morbi ceramic industry ends strike

Ahmedabad, 21 December 2013

After 24 days of shut down, ceramic units owners of Morbi town have finally called off their strike.

All ceramic units will start functioning again from tomorrow onwards. Yesterday ceramic unit owners in Than and Surendranagar had called off their strike following a discussion with local BJP leaders. However ceramic unit owners in Morbi had continued strike and symbolic fast programmes.

The decision to end strike has been taken today considering the fact that the state government was not ready to accept the main demand of unit owners which was about drastic cut in gas price.

The state government had declared Rs. 4/kg relief in gas price on 27 November, a day when ceramic unit owners went on strike. However unit owners didn’t find it sufficient. They wanted gas for Rs. 42/kg instead of price of Rs. 47/kg. The other demand before state government was about relief in VAT levied on ceramic products. Unit owners are promised to look into this by the government.

Ceramic unit owners had taken up other issues like anti-dumping duty on Chinese import, relief in excise duty etc with central government during their recent visit to Delhi with Congress leaders. All they achieved was assurance.

Another demand which is about government’s permission to use coal gasifier is no more in state government’s domain, as the issue is subjuidice.