Successful example of heart blockage remedy shared at Ayurved Summit

Gandhinagar, 25 February 2014

Narendra Modi can speak on any subject superbly. Today he spoke at National Ayurved Summit in Gandhinagar and even Ayurved experts found his speech insightful. The entire speech is presented above in video, but in this article we want to talk specifically on one experience that Modi shared with the audience.

Modi said, years back when he was in Himachal Pradesh(he was BJP incharge for the state in late 1990s), he met one gentleman who was suffering from heart blockages. The situation of his heart was so bad that doctors had advised him to avoid any physical strain, just stay at home and read books. This gentleman preferred reading heart related books, and in one of the books he found advise on cure of heart blockages. The advise was following: Purchase empty capsules from market, fill them with purest chilly powder and take three capsules a day.

Modi said, the gentleman from Himachal followed this advise because he had lost any hopes anyway, and after two months when he went to doctor, he was found problem-free.

Modi said he visited Himachal Pradesh last week and inquired about that gentleman. He was told that the gentleman was doing well and actively working.

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