Gujarat government’s rebuttal to Arvind Kejriwal’s “lies”

Gandhinagar, 25 March 2014

Spokesperson of Gujarat government today issued a statement criticizing Arvind Kejriwal’s lies against Gujarat and Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Some of the facts shared by Gujarat government in its note are following(translation by our staff):

Kejriwal: 60,000 small and medium scale industries are closed in Gujarat

Gujarat govt: This is Kejriwal’s blatant lie. The fact is that Gujarat has 5.19 registered Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). As per the central govt survey in 2001-02, 22% units were closed. In 2006-07 the figure came down to 12% and on 31st of March 2012 the percentage of closed SMEs was 5%. When 95% of 5.19 lakh SME units are working, just imagine the level of Kejriwal’s false allegations. Gujarat is leading state when it comes SMEs. The rate of growth in production is also higher in Gujarat. Kejriwal skips these points.

Kejriwal: If Narendra Modi comes to power, he will give entry to FDI in retail sector, due to which small traders will lose their business/employment.

Gujarat govt: BJP has made its policy on FDI very clear. Party is against FDI in retail sector.

Kejriwal:5,874 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat in last ten years

Gujarat govt: This is the biggest lie of Kejriwal. Actually during his last visit to Gujarat, Kejriwal had spoken another lie that 800 farmers had committed suicide in Gujarat in last ten years. Kejriwal is so enthusiastic in weaving the net of illusive figures that he is now showing living people dead. And therefore in just 15 days the figure of farmers who committed suicide in Gujarat according to him has scaled up to 5,774 from earlier figure of 800. This is the example of which kinds of lies and false propoganda are spread by him. The fact is, in last ten years only one farmer in Gujarat has committed suicide due to crop failure.

Kejriwal: If Modi comes to power, all farmers will lose their land and their lands will be handed over to big industrialists

Gujarat govt: Even the Supreme Court has praised Gujarat’s land acquisition policy. As per the policy farmers are given market rate for their land and land acquisition is not done without farmers agreeing to it. Gujarat is free from major farmers agitations against land acquisition unlike other state. That’s because Gujarat has pro-farmers policies in place.

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