Gujarat High Court frames charge against Dileep Sanghani

Ahmedabad, 6 May, 2014

The Gujarat High Court today framed charge against former Law Minister Dileep Sanghani for contempt of court. Next hearing will take place on 26 June in this case.

Sanghani was minister when Congress released a video clip(July 2012) of his Jamnagar market yard speech alleging contempt of court.

Sanghani during his speech in Jamnagar district had said: the way the courts are going ahead above laws and constitution, it is the duty and responsibility of central government to control them. It is president’s duty to see that constitution is implemented. When there’s neglect in that direction, what about people’s security, when there’s neglect in that direction, the way things going on, it is painful, and that’s what I just want to say as Law minister. Which officer should be appointed where, how long he should be kept on that position, what tasks should be assigned to him are state government’s privileges as per section 166 in constitution.

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