Auspicious month of Shravan begins

Ahmedabad, 27 July 2014

The auspicious month of Gujarati Hindus Shravan begins today.

The month will conclude on 25th of August with Amas.

Some of the festivals/holidays during the holy month of Shravan are following:

27 July – Pushya Nakshatra(begining of Shravan)
10 August – Raksh Bandhan/Balev (holiday)
14 August – Nag Panchami
16 August – Shitala Satam
17 August – Janmashtami (holiday)
18 August – Parana
25 August Somvati Amavasya(end of Shravan)

Ramzan Eid on 29 July and Independence day of India on 15 August are two holidays not related with Shravan but during the period of Shravan.

The month of August will also see Ganesh Chaturthi/Samvatsari on 29th(outside the month of Shravan).

During the month of Shravan, a large section of Hindus in Gujarat observes fasts. Some sants and sadhus choose to consume only fruits and milk during this entire month. Some Hindus choose to grow beard for entire month.

On every Monday, Shiv mandirs attract large number of visitors. Many of them offer milk to Shivalinga.

Gujarat has two Jyotirlinga mandirs. One at Somnath and the other at Nageshwara near Drawka. At Somnath, one has to be ready to stand in a long queue for darshan particularly on all Mondays of Shravan month.

The month of Shravan brings cultural fairs to many places. The month of Shravan is famous for Japa, Tapa and Vrata.

At Somnath Mahadev Mandir:


Mahapuna 6.30 am
Morning aarti 7.00 am
Flag hoisting 8.30 am
Mahamritinjaya Yagna: 10.00 am
Maha dugdha abhishek(Shivalinga offered milk) 11.00 am
Mahapuja 11.30 am
Noon aarti 12.00
Evening mahapuna 5.00 pm
Shringar darshan 6.00 pm
Evening aarti 7.00 pm

First Monday of Shravan: 28 July 2014

Mahapuja 6.30 am
Morning aarti 7.00 am
Maha dugdha abhishek 11.00 am
Mahapuja 11.30 am
Noon aarti 12.00
Bilva Shringar Darshan( Shivalinga dressed in Bilva tree leafs) 2.00 pm
Evening mahapuja 5.00 pm
Evening aarti 7.00 pm

On second Somvar(Monday, 4 August) while other timings will remain same, the decoration of Shiva Linga will be done with flowers.

On Thursday, 7 August on the occasion of Putrada ekadashi, Shiva Linga will be decorated by Rudraksha.

On Sunday, 10 August on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Shiva Linga in style of Amarnath Shringar darshan.

On third Somvar(Monday), Shiva Linga will be dressed with cloths in ‘Vastra Shringar darshan’ style.

On 17 August, Janmashtami, Shiva Linga will be decorated with greenery ( Lilotari Shringar darshan(.

Shringar of fourth and fifth Mondays are not declared yet.

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