Morbi Ceramic Industry to hold meeting with Rajasthan govt today

Rajkot, 4 August 2014

There has been some ego trouble between senior state minister Saurabh Patel and Ceramic Industry of Morbi which went on strike against the state government over issues of pollution related actions and price of gas.

Ceramic industry complains that though Gujarat High Court has recently allowed usage of gasifier, the state pollution board is not granting permission for same to ceramic units.

They say the state government has conveyed Ceramic industry that they should first remove those office bearers of Ceramic industry association who opposed the state government over gas pricing in recent past and went on strike, because the state will negotiate only with new office bearers, and that too if local BJP MLAs accompany the delegation.

Ceramic industry owners on the other hand say they were never against the state government, but against the high taxes, pollution related grip and mainly the price of gas fuel.

So what’s latest development?

A group of about 40 ceramic industry owners is now visiting the state of Rajasthan in search of opportunity of setting up ceramic plants there. Those who have already moved there recommend better deal there.

Ceramic industry claims that the Rajasthan government is welcoming Ceramic industry with red carpet. They say Rajasthan government is offering round the clock power supply, cheap land, cheaper gas, low interest loan, simplified trax structure and permission to gasifier.

A meeting of Ceramic industry owners has been scheduled with the Government of Rajasthan on Monday.

The other option is Andhra Pradesh.

There are more than 600 ceramic factories in Morbi. The industry is believed worth Rs. 20,000 crore.