First day first show of Bey Yaar, and maker’s brief talk to audience(Video)

By Rupang Bhatt, Ahmedabad, 29 August 2014

Ahmedabad based young boy Abhishek Jain.

‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ was his first film. It was a Gujarati film, but audience didn’t feel like it was a Gujarati film. The quality of production and treatment both was equal to any top rated Hindi film. The film went well because people who watched the film spread the message to more people.

Now Abhishek Jain is back with his second film ‘Bey yaar’.

It was a morning show on Friday. The first show at Abhishek’s favorite multiplex ‘Cinepolice’ in Alpha mall.A few years back I had watched Kevi rite jaish’s preview show in same theater. Now here was ‘Bey yaar’.

Due to some technical problem, the show started 10-15 minutes late. We could watch the cast of the film entering into the cinema hall after there was dark.

The film is about two friends but it is also about a painting. The first half is light, the second half may give you some tension, but with doses of entertainment. Logic is sacrificed in some portions in second half, but entire film continues to captivate you. The film is 2.25 hours long.

If you know that Ahemdabad’s Lucky tea stall has a painting gifted by MF Hussain, and it is there on a wall, and if you have watched the film Khosla Ka Ghosla, you will say these two have inspired the film. The maker Abhishek Jain when asked agreed that the idea of this film sparked when he was having coffee at Lucky tea stall and when he saw MF Hussain’s painting there.

The film has not much songs and music because Ashishek believed there’s no need for it in this plot. The film doesn’t have glamour ka tadka. What you call heroine looks just like a next door girl.

You must have read that ‘Ashok Jadeja’ fraud case in newspapers, you may have watched the advertises of plotting scheme near Nal Sarovar, if you are in Ahmedabad you may be knowing HK school principal Subhash Brahmbhatt, socialite Sonal Ambani, critic SD Desai etc. These people have acted in this film. Jay Vasavada has also played a role of interviewer in the film. Manoj Joshi, Darshan Jatiwala, Aarti Patel are other familiar faces in the film.

Location wise, you will be able to see Sabarmati river front, Ellis bridge, Manek Chawk and more on big screen.

The film has one scene in which a boy wants to have liquor with his friends outside, but his father asks him to drink at home. Not only this but the father makes an arrangement of liquor bottle, that too a whiskey bottle! Don’t know how different segments of audience will react to this?

The star casts of the film was present in the theater, but they didn’t want to show their presence to the audience. So they didn’t leave their seats during interval. They only went out after the interval was over and there was dark again in the cinema hall.

When the film show was over, Abhishek Jain appeared and called his team. Abhishek congratulated the audience to dare to do an adventure of attending the first day first show of a Gujarati film. Abhishek said there are not much tools available for publicity of Gujarati film, and therefore he appealed audience to spread the word through online platforms and whatsapping.

Then there was a rush to have photographs with the actors. The most favorite and in demand was a fat boy Kavin Dave who played a role of painter Uday Faujdar. Pratik Gandhi was another boy in demand for selfies.

Some people we could meet in audience reacted like this: ‘Jovaay’, ‘so takaa jovay’, ‘saaru hatu’, ‘majaa aavi’. Some said ‘ek vaar jovaay’. Others said ‘recommend karaay’. One gentleman said, ‘it was just OKay compared to Hollywood or top rated Bollywood movies, but best attempt in Gujarati film world.’ Couple of others said that interval came after long wait and the film was weak post interval.

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