ICT monitoring on presence of students and teachers soon in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 29 November 2014

Gujarat Education department has planned to launch a state-wide project of monitoring the attendance & presence of students and teachers in the Government educational Institutes across the state by using ICT(Information & Communication Technology).

In Gujarat there are approximately 33,000 Government Primary Schools ( Standard 1 to 8), 6000 Government Secondary Schools( Standard 9 to 12), 300 Government Science, Commerce & Arts colleges, 60 Government Engineering / Diploma colleges.

These Government Institutes are located at District, Taluka & Villages Level. It is envisaged that there approx. 5 to 6 class rooms per school/institutes, 2 lac teachers and 1.95 lac classrooms in Govt. Primary Schools. The class room size will be approx. 20” x 20 “ Education Dept want to run this pilot project for 1000 no. of schools in 6 Districts of Gujarat initially and gradually in all the institutions.

Objectives of Project

* Monitoring the Attendance & Presence system in the Govt. Institutes seeks to use ICT in monitoring the Attendance of teachers and students at various schools being supported or run by Education Departments. It is aimed to create transparency and accountability so as to make education in schools/institutes more efficient and effective. Attendance system is coupled with Monitoring system for live monitoring of classroom. It is aimed to keep an eye on teachers and students. It helps to improve quality of teaching as well as classroom environment. Live monitoring will encourage teachers and students for self‐discipline. It will also act as a cross‐check parameter for attendance.

* Education Department, by using latest technology, wants to create system to monitor the attendance of the students & teachers in Government Educational Institutes ( Primary schools, Secondary schools, Colleges)

* Education Department also wishes to monitor the photograph based presence of the teachers in the classroom by using cost effective IT Technology solution.

* Use of IT technology combined with live monitoring to capture attendance of teachers and students along with live monitoring of class to check real presence.

* Use of computerized application as primary mode of attendance recording and replacement of manual records.

* Collect, record and generate a centralized database of all teachers and students enrolled in various institutes which can be organized on the basis of name, category, class, gender, caste, etc.

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