Modi sends Gujarat MP to execute cleaning drive at Ganga ghat


Member of Parliament elected from Gujarat is attracting admiration for his work in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

Navsari MP CR Patil has been sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his constituency Varanasi to carry out cleaning works of Mahasmashan ghat of MahaKarnika and Harishchandra. Patil visited Varanasi before Holi and later continued his supervision over cleaning and betterment activities.

The expenses for these works are arranged by BJP and entire execution and supervision task is also being looked after by teams of local BJP workers.

One task that has been somewhat completed recently is removal of garbage from Manikarnika Ghat of river Ganga. There was so much garbage here that steps of this Mahasmashan ghat were not visible. Now after removal of garbage, steps are visible again.

Everyday the street connecting chowk, old Chitra cinema hall and Manikarnika ghat are being cleaned twice a day. Cleaning of Harishchandra Ghat is also going on.