Unai hot water spring totally dries up!


Hot water spring at Unai in south Gujarat dried up couple of days back. Generally, the water level in the season of spring goes down significantly, but total absence of water has been noticed for the first time according to locals.

Unai attracts great number of visitors everyday due to Unai Mata Mandir and hot water spring attached to it. While local administration is in process to rope in geoloists and experts to probe the issue, locals believe that with onset of monsoon period, hot water spring will again have water.

According to local belief, Unai is the place where Sitaji wanted to take bath but there was no water. Shri Ram hit the land with arrow and there was a flow of water, that too hot. After taking bath Sitaji said, ‘Hu Naahi’ (I took bath). The place was then called Unai. The entire region of Unai and adjoining Dang(Dandakaranya) has number of places associated with Ramayana including a place called Subir(Shabari) associated with Shabari and also another place where Hanumanji took birth, as per local belief.