Myanmar operation overt, not covert, Army was in uniform: Rajyavardhan(video)


Minister of State for Information And Broadcasting, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore stressed that not just police, para military and military, but all people have role to play for nation’s security, and awareness related to it.

He said, there’s a proverb that attack is best form of defence, obviously this proverb will be practiced too sometime.

Rathore said this during a conference on challenges and solutions regarding border safety in Jaipur.

He said, “I don’t feel surprise why Britishers took control of this nation. We are divided. Some people had problem because credit went to PM. Some renown journos called me and said rest of things were fine but not this 56 inch thing. I replied them that in 1971 war Atalji had called Indira a ‘Durga’, now when 56 is used on twitter why problem? Whether Congress or BJP, you could stay united.”

When able army gets able leader nation receives strength, he said.

He said, this was a special operation because Indian army was wearing Indian uniform. Covert operations take place generally without uniform. Experts should understand this and news channels may stay corrected on this.

Rathore said we hit somewhere, and pain was caused somewhere else. Why Pakisan reacted?

Rathore slammed Pakistani leadership and Parvez Musharraf for their statements.

(ANI Video)

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