Surat: life imprisonment to Ishak Masalawala in year 2000 communal violence case


Surat Court has given life imprisonment to Ishak Masalawala for attacking a 17-year-old Mahesh Kakadia with sharp weapon in year 2000 during Bharat Bandh.

Due to attack on Amarnath Yatra in Jammu & Kashmir in year 2000, Bharat Bandh call was given by right wing organizations, during which Dhastipura based 17-year old Kiran Maheshbhai Kakadia was on way to school to check whether it’s functional or not. When he passed through Muslim dominated area of Sodagarwad, a mob attacked him with sharp weapons. Police had arrested Ishak Masalawala from spot of incident.

On Thursday, the court gave him life imprisonment and Rs 5,000 fine. Police had also arrested Arif Behra and Irfan Masalawala in same case, however court ordered their release giving them benefit of doubt.