Jain monks ask followers to stay away from eating Nan, Kulcha, Rumali roti


Jain monks in Mumbai have recently started communicating to followers that they should not eat Nan, Kulcha and Rumali roti. They say the restaurants use eggs to make such rotis. Eggs are considered part of non-veg cuisin in Jain faith.

Jain monk Hemchandra Surishwarji Maharaj said that simple roti is best option to eat. He said there’s no guarantee that Nan, Kulcha and Rumali roti are made without using eggs. They use eggs to make roti softer.

He said, eggs are considered non-veg item in Jain faith and it is not proper for Jains to consume eggs knowingly or unknowingly.

Hemchandraji Maharaj has conveyed the message in this regard to his followers through 500 disciples.

Maharaj said that he was informed about eggs being used to make such rotis couple of months back, after which he made arrangement to probe into it. After some investigation the doubts made were proven true.

– DeshGujarat

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