Siddhant Paksh vs Dev Paksh fight of Vadtal Swaminarayan branch


Dispute between Siddhant Paksh and Dev Paksh of Vadtal Swaminarayan sect hit roads of Surat city today with thousands of followers of Siddhant Paksh walked in rally.

Siddhant Paksh led by SP Swami of Gadhada Swaminarayan Mandir complains that Dev Paksh which is ruling faction of Vadtal Swaminarayan sect doesn’t accept donations from Siddhant Paksh believers. They accept donations of only those who believe in Dev Paksh which has been led by Rakesh Prasad.

Siddhant Paksh leader SP Swami said Gadhpur(Gadhada) and Junagadh Mandirs that come under Vadtal Gaadi have no faith in ruling Rakesh Prasad and his group in Vadtal.

He said every Hari Bhakt(follower) has right to offer donation, and Vadtal Mandir is bound to receive donation. By not receiving donation from Siddhant Paksh followers, the ruling group of Rakesh Prasad has caused Rs 6 crore loss to sect.

He said Vadtal Gaadi’s decision to not to accept donation from them who don’t believe in Rakesh Prasad and Dev Paksh is wrong.

On the other side, Vadtal Swaminarayan Mandir’s Kothari Swami said that donation from Siddhant Paksh will be accepted after the month of Kartak. He said SP Swami is one who had started yatra from Somnath to defeat the Narendra Modi government ahead of assembly elections. SP Swami led Gadhada Mandir had also indulged into legal and physical battle with Bochasanvasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha(BAPS) Mandir in Gadhada. He said donations are received at Vadtal Mandir and Rs 251 donation through receipt will be accepted after Kartak month of Gujarati calendar.

It should be mentioned that Vadtal Swaminarayan Mandir accepts donation from Siddhant Paksh followers through ‘Daan peti’ or donation box but it is not ready to issue receipt to donors of Siddhant Paksh. This is because one who donates and collects receipt is eligible to challenge the management of Mandir in court in future.

Siddhant Paksh is going to start fasts at various places including Surat and Vadtal from tomorrow. Today, dozens of Siddhant Paksh followers shaved their head. Fasts are going on for last more than a week on this issue in Surat.

Swaminarayan faith has different factions. BAPS faction led by Pramukh Swami is considered best managed followed by Kalupur Swaminarayan sect led by Kaushalendraprasad, son of Tejendra Prasad. Maninagar Swaminarayan Gaadi led by PP Swami and Haridham Sokhada are other well managed faction that see little or no dispute. Vadtal branch of Swaminarayan faith however finds itself in news for wrong reasons regularly. Recently election was held to decide who will be ruling group of Vadtal Swaminarayan branch. Though Rakesh Prasad faction won the election, the other faction also showed considerably well strength.

– DeshGujarat

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