Another video on post-flood situation in Amrei district of Gujarat

By Rupang Bhatt,


The damage due to flood in Amreli district in particular and Saurashtra region in general has been huge. Just look at this clip (via YouTube) which may give you some idea about how many cattle died during the tragedy. Those depending on these cattle are worst hit. Then you can also see rain-ravaged farms on both sides of road. To do farming on this land is impossible for some time, not just because there’s water logging, but also because valuable surface of soil has been washed away by flowing water. The worst problem in flood affected village is housing. Majority of Kachcha houses are destroyed. People are living in open at present. Imagine if there’s rain in such period(thanks God, there’s not at present). Important papers, cash, food items stored in kitchen everything has washed away in villages that primarily have only ground flood houses(no upper floor). To underestimate the condition in Amreli would be a sin.

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