Minister mediates between fighting factions of Vadtal Swaminarayan sect


Education Minister of Gujarat Bhupendrasinh Chudasama today played mediator between two fighting factions of Vadtal Swaminarayan Mandir.

After three hours of meeting in presence of SP Swami, Nautam Swami among others, Bhupendrasinh told media persons that he had come here as satsangi. He said there has not been any result at the end of the meeting.

It should be noted that Dev paksh was victorious in last election held for Vadtali gaadi. Siddhant paksh however was unhappy with its defeat. For last one month or so, Siddhant paksh has mobilised its cadre against Dev paksh by holding dhun, fasts and protest progamms at various places. Surat has become a hub of this protest.

Siddhant paksh paksh claims that Dev paksh doesn’t accept donation of Rs 251 from followers of Sidhant paksh because issuance of receipt will give voting right to donor who is follower of Siddhant paksh.

While Siddhant paksh is led by Ajendraprasad, Dev paksh is led by Rakeshprasad who is ruling Vadtal gadi after victory in elections recently.

The tradition of elections to decide who would govern Vadtal gaadi began after court order directing the same.

Dev paksh claims that donations are received as per court order, after checking election ID card of donor, that too as per court order. Siddhant paksh wants issuance of receipt and voting right both for donors who belong to its fold.Siddhant paksh also wants donation to be received at all mandirs including Rajkot and Surat mandir that come under Vadtal gaadi. Siddhant paksh also wants donations to be received for extended hours and immediately with extra counters.

Siddhant paksh has mobilised women followers to press Dev paksh. While Dev paksh alleges that women sitting on fast actually consume juice and it is captured in CCTV footage, Siddhant paksh claims that some women followers are ill due to constant fast and they may die if Dev paksh and government don’t wake up.

Government had so far not intervened in this matter, but today Bhupendrasinh Chudasama was seen at SGVP Gurukul in Ahmedabad holding a meeting between two factions. Chudasama clarified that he was attending the meeting as satsangi(believer) and that too only because he was concerned about condition of followers sitting on fast.

It is believed that agitating Siddhant paksh delegation will be meeting the Chief Minister on Monday and after Chief Minister’s request it may decide to halt the agitation.

Vadtal gaadi controls Swaminarayan mandirs at Vadtal, Surat, Gadhdada, Junagadh, Rajkot etc places. Not just property, but annual income of donation is in crores.


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