Gujarat govt to give Rs 4 lakh aid to kin of those killed during Patidar unrest


Gujarat government in its affidavit filed before the Gujarat High Court today said the government will give Rs 4 lakh aid as Exgratia amount to kin of those died during Patidar unrest. Kin of those with over 60% permanent disability will get Rs 2 lakh aid. Those injured due to police atrocity will get Rs 10,000 aid. The state government will publish an advertisement in this regard and applicants need to apply with evidences in 30-day period for relief mentioned above.

Parts of Gujarat saw violence on 25-26 August after brief detention of Patidar Anamat Anadolan Samiti(PAAS) leader Hardik Patel, and during bandh call given by Hardik. 10 persons including a police man were killed during this violence.