Patidar rampage: 25 FIR,13 major cases,36 identified,19 in prisons in Mahesana


Police in Mahesana district of north Gujarat has filed 13 complaints against 36 persons in connection with Patidar violence last week in Mahesana district.

5 persons are arrested so far from Unjha town and they are in prison while 9 are arrested from Visnagar and 3 of them have got bail. 8 arrested from Mahesana are in prisons. 13 major cases are listed below:

Mahesana, 25 August 11.30 pm Sarovar chowky burnt, police jawans attacked. Conspiracy to attack A division police station. Police men were pushed, bike and ST bus were burnt. Mob size 500. 7 of them are identified as Amit Patel(Golden bungalows), Mahendra alias Bhailal Patel(Nava Para), Ashwin Patel(Juna Para), Parth Patel(Mahesana para), Dishant Patel(Kamraj no madh), Rakesh Patel(Mahesana para), Hitendra Patel(Mahesana para).

Mahesana, Modhera cross roads, swords, pipes, liquid used to attack police. Mob of 10,000 including Natu Patel(Raghuvir society), Rajeshwar Rajput(Swami soc), Bharat Patel(Safal avenue), Kiran Patel(Navapura), Rajesh Patel(Sardar dham), Rohit Patel(Labh residency), Chirag Patel(Gokul home), Yash Patel(Greenpark), Jagdish Patel(Mahesana), Chetan Patel(Mahesana), Mukesh Suthar(Gunchhli), Sandip Patel(Mahesana). Police fired 23 rounds. Injured Nishitkumar Pravinbhai dead.

Mahesana, Radhanpur cross roads, 25 August 10 pm, 18-20,000 mob burnt ST buses and police choki at Radhanpur char rasta. Two wheelers parked outside were burnt. Police attacked with stones. 18-20,000 mob booked.

Mahesana, Modhera road. 10-15,000 strong mob pelted stones over police, damaged govt and private vehicle near Avsar party plot on Modhera road. Attempt to murder police men at 8.30 pm on 25 August.

Main gate of bungalow of Minister of state for home, Rajni Patel in Exotica society broken and arson committed. Damage amount not reported. Complaint against 500 strong mob.

Visnagar ST bus depot. Two buses and bikes burnt. Other ST buses attacked with stones.

Visnagar municipality’s water browser, MLA’s office and Tirupati Sarjan office torched causing Rs 39 lakh losses. Complaint against 500 strong mob.

Kadi, 25 August evening, government rest house torched, records destroyed. Private vehicles damaged. Estimated damage Rs 70-80 lakh. 2,000 strong Patidar mob.

Gozaria, two police chowky torched. Two ST buses burnt at around 10.00 pm on 25 August i Ladhnaj police station area. Damage worth Rs 22 lakh. Complaint against 1,000-1200 strong Patidar mob.

Unjha Police station burnt after pouring liquid causing damage worth Rs 70 lakh. Bhavlesh Patel, Ashwin Patel, Rajendra Patel, Vijay alias Jatin Patel, Sanjiv alias Kaliyo Patel and 2500 strong mob booked.

Unjha, Maktupur. ST bus burnt causing damage worth Rs 40 lakh. 250-300 strong Patidar mob booked.

Visnagar, MK Market, Tirupati Sarjan office ransacked. Rs 14.40 lakh cash, Rs 70.89 lakh equipment, mini bus torched causing total damage worth Rs 97.77 lakh. Ketan Patel, Kanu Patel, Jatin Patel, Nirav Patel, Mukesh Patel, Surat Patel, Rakesh Patel, Nikhil Patel, Raju Patel and 2,000 strong mob booked.

Unjha, Sales Tax office torched, taluka panchayat office ransacked, record destroyed, Aithor and highway chowky of police attacked and vandalized causing damages worth Rs 160 lakh. Patel Mikka alias Ravan and 5,000 strong Patidar mob booked.