Ganesh Devy’s NGO Bhasha received over Rs 12 crore foreign fund in 8 years

With official documents in hand, in this series I am trying to narrate the details of crorepati non-government organizations functioning in Gujarat – author

By Japan K Pathak

Gujarat based (but not Gujarati origin actually) former professor of Maharaja Sayajirao University, Ganesh Devy is in news for returning Sahitya Akademi award. He has thus joined some other apparently Congress/left tilted Akademi award winner authors. During the Congress-led UPA government, Devy was also presented Padma award. It seems so far the common agenda of anti-Modi award winners is just limited to return the Akademi awards.

Devy, by the way is running a crorepati foreign funded NGO from Vadodara in Gujarat. The accounts submitted to the government by Devy’s NGO Bhasha Research and Publication Centre under Foreign Contribution Remittance Act(FCRA) indicate that for the first time it has received less than Rs 1 crore foreign funds in year ending on 31st of March 2015. It coincided with the regime change in centre, departure of Congress-led UPA government and arrival of Narendra Modi led BJP government.

Devy’s NGO received only Rs 31,73,619.09 in year 2014-15. Now this Rs 31.73 lakh is really a big sum, then why am I using this word ‘only’ before it?

Well, look at the other figures, and you would realise why I used ‘only.’

In year 2013-14 Devy’s NGO received Rs 1,23,89,918.79 foreign fund from nations abroad in its State Bank of India, Urmi branch, Urmi Society, Alkapuri account no. 10010413637.

One of the leading foreign donor was controversial and dubious foreign organization ‘Ford Foundation’ from America that contributed Rs 56,89,043 to Devy’s NGO.

In 2012-13, Devy’s NGO received Rs 1,90,23,055 as foreign donation. This is whopping over Rs 1.90 crore amount! Ford Foundation was again the major donor that contributed Rs 55,75,577 for ‘activities other than mentioned’ in FCRA submission! Tribal Culture Heritage in India Foundation, Netherlands, Reach to Teach were some other foreign organizations that donated Devy’s NGO for ‘non-formal education projects/coaching classes’.

In 2011-12, Devy’s NGO received Rs 1,67,48,314.24 from countries abroad. Ford Foundation sent Rs 41,28,877. Aide et Action Teere des Homes Germany India Programme were among other foreign donor organizations.

In 2010-11, Devy’s NGO received whopping Rs 1,98,71,439.51 that is over Rs 1.98 crore foreign donation. Ford Foundation contributed Rs 44,32,443 and Rs 49,34,253. Christian religious agency Catholic Relief Service contributed Rs 42,579 and Rs 3,18,811. Another Christian religious foreign agency Holy Cross Provincialate donated Rs 29,484.

In year 2009-10, Devy’s NGO received Rs 2,23,51,740.97 from foreign countries (that is over Rs 2.23 crore/year). Ford Foundation sent Rs 55,89,559 while Aide Et Action France Rs 65,87,591 for ‘vocational training tailoring, motor repairs, computer etc’. Ford Foundation donated another sum of Rs 65,245 for ‘awareness camp/seminar workshop meeting conference’. Catholic Relief Service donated Rs 7,24,806.

More donation figures – in 2008-09 Devy’s NGO received Rs 1,54,47,414.25 crore foreign donation. Ford Foundation sent Rs 25,12,268 and Rs 46,68,762. Universiteit Masstricht Netherland, India Relief and Education Fund, USA, ActionAid India(that also sent money for Narmada Bachao Andolan and Arvind Kejriwal’s NGO), Association for India’s Development(America), Gene Campaign were other foreign organization that sent money.

In 2007-08, Devy’s NGO received Rs 1,14,30,552 from foreign nations.Ford Foundation again was a major donor that sent Rs 27,79,707 and Rs 25,50,205 amounts.

There’s no record of Devy’s NGO in the forms submitted before the central government department FCRA in year 2006-07 or before.

In 8 years starting from 2007 to 2015(March), Devy’s NGO received more than Rs 12 crore from the nations abroad.

The lowest foreign donation Devy’s NGO received in all these FCRA submissions was in year 2014-15 (April to April) which coincides with the Narendra Modi government in centre. A major Ford Foundation is missing in the list of donors this year for the first time. Centre’s watch over Ford Foundation’s donations in India is well-known affair.

And Professor Devy is in news for returning Sahitya Akademy award.

– DeshGujarat

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