More urban Gujarati films ready for release, in process to go on floor

Rupang Bhatt, Ahmedabad

One of the most talked-about subjects in urban Gujarat in year 2015, especially among youths was the success of two Gujarati films – ‘Gujjubhai the Great’ and ‘Chhello Divas’. Both the films, locally made attracted huge audience. The backdrop was built by success of another Gujarati film ‘Bey Yaar’ which was released in August 2014.

There was lot of buzz around this subject because previously it was observed that an entire generation in Gujarat had detached itself from Gujarati film-world as most of the Gujarati films were made to cater rural or small-center theaters during those years.

Then came new generation film-makers. Abhishek Jain from Subhash Ghai’s film institute in Mumbai dared to make a Gujarati film ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ targetting urban audience and it was a hit. This film demolished a conventional belief that people in urban Gujarat would not go to watch a Gujarati film. Abhishek Jain’s another Gujarati film ‘Bey Yaar’ was also hit last year. Looking at his success story, some others too tried to make urban Gujarati films but were not successful in attracting audience.

Then came the recent one-and-half year period of August 2014-December 2015. Success of three Gujarati films in a row – Bey Yaar, Gujjubhai the Great and Chhello Divas created lot of buzz and enthusiasm among new emerging film-makers.

When Abhishek went to theater owners seeking more screens for his first Gujarati film, the owners/operators of multiplexes were not ready to oblige easily. The time has changed now. Urban Gujarati films bring business now in cities and therefore they are taken seriously by theater/multiplex owners.

So the earlier situation was: Even if you make a good Gujarati film, the people of Gujarat will not turn up to watch it because they just don’t watch Gujarati films, as they don’t have faith that Gujarati film can be good and sensible.

But fresh situation is: Make a good film that is entertaining;/sensible enough and people would come to watch it be it in Gujarati, Hindi or English. Language no bar. Some Gujarati films are even better than Hindi.

So the new year(2016) will begin with model/actor Shital Shah debuting as a director in Gujarati film Hu tu tu tu(releasing on 1st January), followed by Dhwani Gautam’s RomCom (Romance Complicated). Many more Gujarati films are lined up in the year 2016. Abhishek Jain has made announcement that his banner CineMan will also begin the new year with a new leap. Mikhil Musale will direct his first Gujarati feature under the banner of Cineman Production Limited. Jain adds, “may we all set up new standards and benchmarks with every film that releases.”

– DeshGujarat

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