Darshan Raval becomes highest paid actor in Gujarati film industry


Darshan Raval who earned limelight through a reality singing show on TV has now become the costliest star of Gujarati film industry. In his first film ‘Patel vs Patrick’, Darshan will be seen playing lead role. He has taken Rs 50 lakh fee to work in this film which according to makers of this film is highest amount any star has received in Gujarati film industry so far.

The film according to makers will be released after monsoon, this year itself. It will be released not just in Gujarati, but in Bengali language too.

According to makers, film shoot will take place in London, Scotland and Ahmedabad.

The story of the film is centered around a Patel character.

The film will have Rahul Munjariya and Darshan’s music. This will be 100th film in which Rahul will give music.

In upcoming day, ‘Patel anthem’ will be launched in connection with tis film.

The film is being produced by 24 FPS films, Vixen Motion Pictures, Swatantra Vijay Singh, Vyas Verma, Aman Singh, Rahul Dhyani, Yash Thakkar, and Dhwani Gautam Films(co producer).

Dwani Gautam under the banner of DG Banner will also direct two more films this year, names of which are ‘Tu to gayo'(August 2016)’ and ‘Hir'(December 2016).

He had earlier given Gujarati film ‘Romance Complicated’ which was a romantic film. He says ‘Patel vs Patrick’ will be a comedy film. The film is around London’s English and Gujarat’s Patel. It’s about two families. Main character is Prem Patel and games he plays with family and people outside. There are Darshan’s fans in social media and music world. They wanted Darshan’s film to be released in West Bengal and Bangladesh. We are going to released the film there. Heroine of this film is yet not decided. Talks with Hindi film actor Sharad Saxena is on for his role in this film. The film will be released across the world including US, UK, India, Bangladesh on one date.

Darshan Raval in his interaction with media persons said he has settled in Mumbai. He said he accepted the film as his character in this film is similar to what he is in real life. He said he would not do show during the shooting period but will give priority to recording of his songs for films.

– DeshGujarat