Businessman stages drama of abduction, robbery of Rs 53 lakh at knife-point

Update: It later came to light that as Jasmin had lost huge money in satta betting of IPL match, he had staged drama of his own abduction. He was faking.

Ahmedabad: A businessman was today allegedly abducted and robbed off Rs 53 lakh at knife-point by two unidentified persons in Sola area of the city, police said.

Jasmin Patel, who is in construction business, told police that two men abducted him near Sola over bridge.

“Patel claimed that when he was going home in his car after withdrawing around Rs 53 lakh from a bank, a van rammed into his car near Sola over bridge. Two men came out of the van and got into Patel’s car. Before he could say anything, they held a knife to his throat and asked him to drive towards Ognaj village,” said police inspector D V Rana.

“After some distance the duo asked Patel to stop the car at a secluded place. A third person came behind in the van. The duo snatched the bag containing the cash and drove off in the van,” Rana said.

Police said they have cordoned off all the exit routes from the area and were also checking the CCTV footages near the bank to identify the culprits. PTI

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