Mamata inflicting atrocities on Hindus to appease Muslims: VHP

New Delhi:VHP today accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of “inflicting atrocities” on the Hindu community in the state in the name of Muslim appeasement.

“Mamata has transformed Sonar Bangla into a wasteland.

Hindus were at the receiving end even during the Left rule, but the kind of atrocities that the Mamata regime has inflicted on the Hindus in the name of Muslim appeasement is something that the Hindus did not undergo even during Islamic rule.

“The bans that were imposed on Durga Puja this year were unprecedented. The Jehadi elements, on the provocation of the Muslim Personal Law Board, carried out the most macabre violence in Muslim-majority areas,” said Surendra Jain, International Joint General Secretary of VHP.

Accusing the chief minister of providing protection to the jehadis, VHP alleged that the police in West Bengal is filing cases against the Hindus instead of the Jehadis.

“VHP appeals to Mamata Banerjee and the secular mafia that they put an end to Muslim appeasement. This Jehadi fire will not only burn to ashes the entire nation but will also one day engulf them and finish them off too.

“Please do not test the patience of the Hindus. If secular governments are unable to fulfil their constitutional duties, then the Hindus will take matters in their own hands to save their existence,” he said.


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