Gujarat govt stops Medha Patkar at Gujarat border, sends her back to Madhya Pradesh

Bharuch: Gujarat Police today detained Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar and her supporters briefly at Gujarat – Madhya Pradesh inter-state border and sent them back to Madhya Pradesh. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said Patkar and others were trying to enter Gujarat to provoke the people here. Patkar however said she was just intending to pass through Gujarat in order to reach the villages of Maharashtra. Patkar said her agitation has always been non-violent and there was no reason why she was stopped by police. Nitin Patel meanwhile in his statement said that the process to distribute cash award to villagers in Madhya Pradesh is going on and Gujarat government has already handed over Rs 400 crore for this purpose. Patel said Medha Patkar is anti Narmada project activist and Gujarat has failed her attempt to stall the progress of Narmada project. Patel said the Narmada dam will be filled with water upto highest level in upcoming month of August. This will benefit 6 crore people including farmers.