Shankersinh says he would meet his supporters on 24th to decide his next political move

Gandhinagar: Leader of opposition Shankersinh Vaghela today in his media briefing in Gandhinagar said he would call a meeting of his supporters and colleagues on June 24 and take decision on his next political move. Vaghela said State Congress president and MLAs will not be attending this meet but media would be allowed to join. Shankersinh said his supporters inquire about his political stand so he would meet them all and take decision at 3.00 pm on June 24. Shankersinh said whatever is the feeling of his supporters/colleagues will be conveyed to party high-command.

Shankersinh categorically denied possibility of joining BJP or forming his own new party.

Shankersinh said Jan Sangh and RSS gave him political identity when he was selected as candidate for Kapadvanj Lok Sabha by-election in 1977.

Shankersinh said party should declare its candidates earlier and take clear stand on whether NCP, JDU will be in alliance or not for upcoming assembly polls. If there’s an alliance, the party should make it clear now and then stick to its stand.

Shankersinh said his concern regarding Congress party and upcoming assembly general election in Gujarat is about the homework that party needs to do to ensure victory.

Shankersinh asked media persons not to do his character assassination and behave responsibly.

Shankersinh said he has been a king maker and not the one who wants to become king. He said he has become Chief Minister and cabinet minister in life and he doesn’t aspire to become Chief Minister.

He said he sacrificed his party(RJP) in order to prevent division of votes and joined Congress. He said there’s no a single instance to show that he worked against Congress party in all these years.

Vaghela thanked Sonia Gandhi to make a branded person like him state party president and cabinet minister in Centre.

Reporters asked him twice, how he would describe the three-year period of Modi government, but Shankersinh refused to reply this question. In a way he refused to criticize the government which he has done plenty of times in the past. When pressed, Shankersinh Vaghela said let people decide and give their verdict in election.

Shankersinh said his efforts would be to make sure that Congress gets majority and he is not interested in post election equations.

He said he would visit Jagannath Mandir with Congress leaders ahead of Rath Yatra and then hold a meeting with supporters at Civil hospital auditorium in Gandhinagar to consult them and seek their guidance.

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