Sanghani reopens Amreli oil mill of Gujcomasol

Amreli: Since long time Gujarat State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd(Gujcomasol) was ruled by Congress leaders and all 25 oil mills of Gujcomasol were closed one-by-one. Now with BJP leader Dileep Sanghani at the helm of Gujcomasol, one of such mills has been reopened. This is the first mill to reopen and Sanghani aims to reopen more mils.

BJP leader and new Chairman of Gujcomasol Dileep Sanghani said, ‘Gujcomasol had 25 oil mills to produce pure groundnut oil. These mills were providing employment to many people and offering pure oil to people. When mills were running, Gujcomasol would purchase groundnut on large scale, benefiting the farmers.’

‘However, in later stage one-by-one, all mills shut down. One of such mills was in Amreli which had been shut for last ten years. The mill has been revived now after repairing of machinery and functional office. The mill has against started producing oil today,’ Sanghani said.

He said, purchase by Gujcomasol will result into more attractive rates of produce for farmers.


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