Cabinet has approved proxy voting for NRIs, amendment to be made for same in PRA: Sushma in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Union External Affairs minister Smt Sushma Swaraj while speaking at Mahila townhall of Gujarat BJP here said Non Resident Indians(NRIs) will soon get right to vote in Indian elections. She said union cabinet has already approved proxy voting for NRIs. Amendment in People’s Representative Act will be proposed to implement this.

Sushma said, NRIs at present need to physically come to India to vote, but in future they will need to just send their authorization letter to their relative/representative in India conveying their choice of candidate. As per their choice, the Representative in India will cast vote after approval to authorization letter.

Sushma said union cabinet has cleared this proposal and the next stage will be to proposed amendment in act in order to implement it.

Sushma said the matter was pending for years but it is now finding solution because a decisive person is Prime Minister of the country.

Replying another question pertaining to validity of Bullet train project, Sushma Swaraj said, the loan for this project is 1 paise per Rs 100 per year. She said, dropping this project will not solve the issues being faced by country and at the same time, continuing with this project will not create the issues. She said many foreign nations have web of bullet train netwowrk that was created years ago.