Environmental hearing held for dredging at Tuna Port in Kutch

Bhuj: Public hearing for environment was held at Tuna for discussion on dredging at Tuna port pertaining to deepen the draft at jetty from existing 15 meter to 18 meter. If draft is deepened to 18 meter, two lakh capacity ships will be able to arrive at this port. At present with 15 meter draft, ships only upto 1 lakh tonne weight are able to use this port.

Villagers from Tuna and surrounding villages discussed environmental impact, employment and other issues during the hearing which was chaired by district collector Remya Mohan and attended by RP Gupta from GPCB, Hiren Shah and Niranjan Engineer from Adani Group and Deputy Collector VV Rabari among others.

Tuna Tekra contianer terminal is joint initiative of Kandla Port and Adani Group under public private partnership model.

Adani Group in its presentation cited GUIDE organisation’s study which claims that capital dredging work at Tuna Port will not do any damage to environment and ecology.


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