Ban on two wheeler movement on flyovers on Uttaryan in Surat; Kite flying hours restricted


Police commissioner of Surat, the city where a 5 year old girl had died due to kite-string injury recently, has banned movement of two wheeler on flyovers during Uttarayan.

Police Commissioner Satish Sharma today said that apart from banning the kite flying during early morning hours (6 to 8am) and evening from 5 to 7pm from January 6 to 20, he has banned the movement of two wheeler over flyovers in the city from the morning of January 14 till 10 pm in the night of the next day ie January 15.

He said that he has also banned the use of sharp nylon string for kite flying since January 8.

Sharma said that all the three bans have been enforced through as many notifications.

He said that the ban on kite flying has been imposed during early morning and evening hours to protect the birds which fly in the maximum number during these two period of the day. So far no arrest has been made for violation of this ban.

Meanwhile police spokesperson J K Pandya said that police would be deployed at all the flyovers during Uttarayan to ensure that no two wheeler goes over them.


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