Minister Ganpat Vasava faces opposition at Adivasi Ekta Parishad Sammelan, leaves hurriedly amid protest and stone pelting over vehicle

Rajpipla (Gujarat):

Tribal Development Minister of Gujarat Ganpat Vasava had to leave a tribal conference here due to opposition and later the glass of his vehicle was also broken in stone pelting by crowd.

The minister however escaped unhurt.

Police said that Vasava a cabinet rank minister who also had the charge of tourism, forest, woman and child welfare departments, had reached Jeetnagar on the outskirts of this headquarter town of Narmada district where 3 day Adivasi Ekta Parishad Sammelan was being held since yesterday.

As soon as Vasava reached the stage, crowd (believed to be from MLA Chhotu Vasava led Bhilistan Tiger Force cadre) started shouting slogans. They were protesting against the said inclusion of Sidi Muslims, Bharawads and Charans in ST list which according to them was not letting genuine tribal youth get jobs as the positions were being taken away by the three castes.

The situation become so tense that the police had to cordon the minister off from others and take him out amid protest and slogan shouting. Vasava who had reached the stage at around 2pm had to leave the venue in just around 15 minutes. While he was sitting in his vehicle under police protection crowd threw stones which broke the window pane. He however was not hurt and leaved hurriedly.

The tribal conference which was held annually on rotation in a state is this time around being organized here as 25 th edition of the event from January 13 to 15. Tribal representatives from 15 states were participating in it.

A police official said that the crowd was of over 15000 people and it was not possible to take any retaliatory action. He said that the priority of the police was to take the minister out safely.

He said that no arrest or detention has been made so far. Any action if taken would be taken later.