Togadia plays victim card again as his car hit by truck in South Gujarat

Surat: Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) leader Dr. Pravin Togadia’s car was hit by a truck today near Kamrej in South Gujarat. Togadia as always didn’t miss  opportunity to play victim and conspiracy theory cards again.
He said, ‘if this was not bullet proof car, none in the vehicle could survive. Whenever I travel, there are pilot, escort and ambulance vehicles as part of my convoy. However this time, police had no order from Gandhinagar to give escort and side vehicles for my protection. Though I enjoy Z plus security, I am not safe. My car was not safe from backside due to lack of escort. My car was hit by truck near Kamrej. Even after siren sound was on, the truck didn’t apply brakes and continued to push and drag my car. It stopped due to divider. I could later come out of my car. I have spoken to Superintendent of Police. I link all three incidents. first a 21-year old Atmaram case came to board, issuance of warrant in Rajasthan case which was withdrawn, and now a truck hitting my car and dragging it. This is serious issue. Why Z+ protection without escort car? It was deliberate attempt first not to give me escort cover and then my car hit by a truck from backside.’