Congress MLA rushes to hit BJP MLA with mic in hand in Gujarat assembly

Gandhinagar: Congress MLA, Pratap Dudhat hit out at BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal with microphone today in the Gujarat Assembly.

Dudhat rushed to BJP MLA from Nikol(Ahmedabad) Jagdish Panchal in extreme anger with uprooted mic in his hand and hit out at Panchal. Panchal however stayed untouched and unhurt.

Dudhat said he was angry due to Jagdish Panchal’s remark targeting mother and sister.

Panchal said he had in his remark only suggested Dudhat not to speak against Speaker in offending manner. Panchal said he was standing next to women MLAs Neemaben Acharya and Manishaben Vakil and there was absolutely no question of passing any offending remark in presence of women.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, ‘Shailesh Parmar was making representation before the Speaker over point of order he had raised. At the same time, MLA Vikram Madam was trying to led attention of Speaker to speak on some issue(Asaram related issue). The Speaker said he would first heard shailesh Parmar and later Madam will be allowed to speak. Madam took sit but Rajula MLA Amrish Der suddenly stood up with anger. He first pointed finger at Shailesh Parmar and spoke something which sparked off ruckus among Congress MLAs. Some Congress MLAs walked to Amrish Der. Alpesh Thakor and others also went to Amrish Der and asked him to take a seat. Shailesh Parmar also instructed Der to take seat But Der who was in grip of great anger rushed to Speaker’s Chair. At the same time another Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat who was not in a picture at all, rushed and uprooted a mic from Congress MLA table and hit at Jagdish Panchal with it. Neemaben could also attract injury if she had not saved herself. Later MLA Amrish Der also rushed to BJP MLAs and used dirty language. Congress and BJP MLAs stood up then, following which the house was adjourned. Congress MLA Baldevji Thakor also attacked BJP MLAs in anger. Other MLAs also got involved into clash. I have been in the assembly as MLA since 1990 barring one term. I haven’t seen such a violent and condemnable incident ever.’

‘Paresh Dhanani, went to Amrishbhai’s seat and tried to take him seat. Today’s incident was a blot in the history of all assemblies and not just Gujarat assembly. Congress MLAs are lying to justify their behavior. Their claim is baseless that BJP MLA had passed any offending remark. BJP MLA Panchal was standing side by side with women MLAs. Entire Gujarat will watch what happened when CCTV footage of assembly will be out. Journalists were in their window and they too have seen what happened. Only three MLAs of Congress have done this mischief. We are going to request the Speaker to release entire footage of what happenedm,’ he said.