Gujarat government launches two ‘108’ boat ambulances

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government today launched two boat ambulances as part of its ‘108’ emergency services network.

According to a note issued by government, both boats will offer services for 24 hours. The boats will have one captain, three assisting staff and one trained emergency medical technician.

Gujarat has 1600 km long coastline with presence of 3,27,706 fishermen. 1,40,327 of them are active fishermen using 35,150 boats.

The boats are having all facilities like regular ‘108’ ambulance such as 32 types of medicines, 4 disposable medical consumable and medical devices, 21 non disposable devices, AED machine, pulse oximeter, five types of stretcher, nebulizer machine, oxygen cylinder and sucker machine.

In addition to this, the boats will have Neil Robertson Rescue Stretcher stretcher which will smoothly transfer a patient from boat to jetty.

The boats will have VHF sets and GSM mobile phones for communication. VHF will help the staff to contact and communicate with marine police, coast guard, fisheries department, maritime board, district police control room, navy and other agencies.