Gujarat Police lodges complaint about fake ECI letter seeking ‘EVM tampering’ probe, SOG starts investigation


The SOG of Gandhinagar police is investigating the matter of a bogus letter in the name of the Election Commission of India asking various police officials including police commissioners/SPs to probe alleged EVM tampering and conduct a study on feasibility of voting by ballot paper.

Gandhinagar SP Virendra Yadav today said that a case in this regard has been lodged in sector 7 police station here.

‘The letter was dated as April 2, 2018. It has been sent though simple post with a Rs 5 postage stamp to various police offices including that of the DGP and my office. We received the letter on April 25 itself. But when we contacted the office of chief electoral office here, it was informed to us that no such later has been issued by the ECI. A case was lodged yesterday and the SOG was investigating it. It would trying to trace the sender of the letter,’ he said adding that in fact such letters have been received in various other states also.

In fact the poor grammar and phrasing of the letter written in English had made the cops suspicious.

The fake letter sent to police in several states across the country reads (sic), ‘All of you are informed through this letter that due to the misuse of the EVM machine, our nation and countr’s democracy are in danger. There is a lot of discussion about the scam of EVM machines amongst the people of whole country. The complaint is signed by deputy chief election officer. The next Lok Sabha Elections is to be held in 2019… You should send us the effective report of the EVM scam within thirty days anyhow because of which voting on ballet paper should be done. Voting on ballot paper is against the trust on not.. give your reliable opinion on this also… You have to keep this report completely confidential.”

Notably earlier similar cases have been lodged in Punjab and Delhi also.


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