3 more accused of anti-sand mining RTI activist abduction and attack case nabbed


The Local Crime Branch (LCB) of Junagadh police today nabbed three more accused in the case of abduction and attack on RTI activist Nayan Kalola in Vanthali town of the district.

Kalola, who is working against the alleged uncontrolled sand mining in Ozat river, was abducted in a car in the night of June 3 and was later attacked.

During the two day bandh protest in Vanthali town on June 4 and 5, the protesters apart from rallying against the alleged sand-mafia were also demanding immediate arrest of the abductors and attackers of the RTI activist.

Police had yesterday nabbed another accused and Sarpanch of Dankuliya village Bhura Kana and recovered the car used for abduction of Kalola. Today it nabbed three others Bhavin Khoda of Saragvada village, Lakha Sanga of Koyali and Karsan Gal of Junagadh.

The police today also took out a procession of the four accused with placards hung in their necks.

Notably, the collector has already by an interim order stopped the sand mining work in river Ozat.


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