Spiritual leader Bhaiyyuji Maharaj allegedly shoots self, passes away

Indore: Madhya Pradesh based 49-year old spiritual leader Bhaiyyuji Maharaj passed away today. He allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself at his Indore based bungalow reportedly due to depression. In his suicide note, Bhaiyyuji Maharaj wrote: I am too much stressed out and fed up. He was taken to Bombay hospital where he was declared dead. Bhaiyyuji had last month visited Gujarat to discuss the stalled progress of much delayed and non-starter Sant Nagari project of Gujarat government. He had said he was associated with this project in guiding role. Bhaiyyuji first came in limelight after his intervention during Anna Hazare’s fast against Congress-led UPA government on request of the government in 2011. Bhaiyyuji was the one who offered juice to then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to end Sadbhavana fast.

Model-turned spiritual Guru, Bhaiyyuji Maharaj’s real name is Udai Singh Deshmukh.He had been practicing spirituality while living a normal married life. He had been desisting from attending public functions for one-and-half years in 2016-2017 and has been concentrating on working for nation building and uplift farmers, by running several social projects in Maharashtra.

Bhaiyyuji married Dr Ayushi Sharma, a native of Shivpuri, in a ceremony attended by close relatives in Indore on April 30 last year. Bhaiyyu Maharaj’s first wife, Madhavi, had passed away in November 2015. Bhaiyyuji is survived by his daughter Kuhu (16).