Government Should Start Conservation for Tigers in Gujarat: Parimal Nathwani

New Delhi: Gujarat could be the only State in the Country to boast of having National Animal Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lions. In a recent evidence of presence of Tiger in State of Gujarat, a villager in Nijhar village of Tapi district near boarder of Gujarat and Maharashtra was attacked by a tiger on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

Shri Parimal Nathwani, Member of Rajya Sabha and Group President of Corporate Affairs at Reliance Industries Ltd, who also happens to be an enthusiastic wildlife lover, had drawn attention of the Government Authorities and Forest Department way back in January 2017 about presence of the tiger in forests of Gujarat.

“The scientific evidences like scats, pugmarks, etc have proved that there is an established tiger corridor between Maharashtra and Gujarat,” said Shri Nathwani. In a letter written to the Government Authorities in January 2017, Shri Nathwani had stated that two constables of Maharashtra Police, posted on a Check Post of Gujarat-Maharashtra border, had sighted the tiger entering into Maharashtra Forest area from Gujarat and going back to Gujarat Forest.

Shri Nathwani said that the news of tiger attack on a villager near Nijhar village once again confirms presence of tigers in Gujarat. “It is time the State Forest Department should now focus on conservation of Tiger too besides Asiatic Lion. The Forest Department should take proper steps to ensure prey base as well as safety of the National Animal,” said Shri Nathwani.

He further said that it would be a great opportunity for the State of Gujarat to boost tourism. “The presence of Tiger will further enrich our wildlife ecology. As everyone knows, the presence of rare Asiatic Lion in Gujarat has been catalyst for tourism sector in the State. Once the tiger also sets its base in Gujarat, tourism sector will get major boost,” he said.

Shri Nathwani has also written letters to the concerned authorities in Central and State Government appealing them to step up tiger conservation efforts in Gujarat.


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