SRP deployed alongside Kutch Branch Canal on way to Tappar dam for smooth supply of drinking water

Bhuj: State Reserve Police(SRP) force has been deployed alongside the Kutch branch canal in Vagad belt of district Kutch.

Due to very poor rain in Kutch in monsoon so far, the State government has decided to fill Tappar dam with Narmada water. The canal to Tappar dam passes through the Vagad region of district Kutch. Couple of days ago, groups of villagers gathered and obstructed Narmada water supply to Tappar dam. They were demanding government to fill village ponds with Narmada water first. Police had to intervene and open the gates to resume water supply to Tappar dam.

Following this incident, State Reserve Police(SRP) force has been deployed to ensure smooth supply of water to Tappar dam for drinking water.

It must be noted here that Narmada dam, the main source of water for Gujarat has insufficient storage of water so far. The government has decided to reserve the storage for drinking water supply only till situation improves.