Rupani, Nitin reach Somnath for darshan on Shravan Somvar

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Chief Minister  Vijaybhai Rupani will visit famous Somnath Mahadev Temple to make darshan of first of the ten Jyotirlings of Lord Shiva (Mahadev) and offer his puja on auspicious Monday of Shravan month at 09:00 hours, tomorrow.

Later in the day, the Chief Minister will lay foundation stones and dedicate to the people various public welfare works of the Road & Building Department and Irrigation Department at Jasdan and Vichhiya Tehsils, respectively, at 13:30 hours.

Beside these, . Rupani will also dedicate ‘Taluka Seva Sadan’ to the people at Vichhiya and inaugurate Horse Breeding Center at Hingolgadh.



Both Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel today evening reached Gir Somnath for the visit.

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