Video of Nitin Patel stopping son to make donation of Rs 500 to Somnath temple goes viral, clarification issued later

Somnath: A video in which Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel apparently refuses his son to donate Rs 500 to Somnath temple has gone viral. Nitin today morning visited Shri Somnath temple with family. One of his sons is seen in video in move to donate Rs 500 note in daan peti of Somnath temple. Nitin, standing next to him stops him doing that. The son through his expressions and words urge father to let him allow to donate the sum, but Nitin refuses. Nothing can be concluded on the basis of roughly around 6-second long video, but before Nitin could explain what happened actually, video has gone viral in social media.

Nitin clarifies

In the wake of embarrassment caused by a video in which he can be seen stopping his son from putting Rs 500 in the donation box of Somnath temple, Deputy CM Nitin Patel gave clarification this evening.

Talking to media persons Patel said that he had made donation in the temple including some silver made items and he wanted that all the members of the family should donate collectively so that a ‘good’ amount is donated.

‘It is really not appropriate to show such personal things in media. Me and my family visit various temples including Ambaji and we make donations too. Yesterday I had made donation in Somnath temple and today also we had to do Dhwaja puja too. When during puja my son was trying to put the money on donation bank, I stopped him so that it should not be done individually. However such personal things should not be blown out of proportion in media,’ he said.

‘I am in politics for long time and had it been something about my political deeds, I would have appreciated it but raking up such personal things in media was not appropriate,’ he said.


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