Land Jihad banners resurface in Paldi area of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Fade up with apparently a failure of Rupani government and BJP ruled civic body to settle a small issue Hindus are facing in Narayan Nagar area of city, the citizens here have again put up banners highlighting ‘Land Jihad’.

The locals in this pocket of Paldi area have time and again complained about Hindu properties being “grabbed” by Muslims in order to dominate the area. The local Hindus are unhappy with dubious response from local BJP MLA in specific and BJP ruled civic body and state government in general.

The matter has been represented at several levels including the levels of civic body officials, district collector and even at the level of the Chief Minister in person. Local Hindus said nothing has brought result.

“We vote for BJP candidate in Ellis bridge assembly seat area and in civic body wards so that he may protect Hindu owned properties against growing presence of Muslims. However BJP MLA, party ruled state government and those in civic body are not doing what they are voted for to do. Even though there’s disturbed area act in implementation, multiple tall residential towers have “illegally” come up for Muslims in the plot where earlier Hindus were living. Local MLA, Rupani, Collector, civic body officials all have been made representations, but results are not visible. Muslims still reside in Varsha tower without Building Use(BU) permission,” a local from Hindu Jagaran Manch said adding that their movement is supported by RSS at local level.

“Tomorrow, more existing properties owned by Hindus will be purchased at very higher prices by Muslims and after demolition they will be redeveloped and multiple tall towers will come up with huge Muslim population. Then there will be newer mosques and loud speakers for ajaan. Neighboring Hindu properties will be then grabbed at negligible prices. Hindus left wall city area thanks to same tactics. Now let them live peacefully here. This Land Jihad must stop and government must act,” A Hindu Jagaran Manch member further said.