Alpesh Thakor had vowed to start bloody agitation in October in a TV interview last month

Gandhinagar: On 6th of September, Congress leader Alpesh Thakor loyalist Congress MLAs called a press conference under the banner of Thakor Sena and announced Thakor Adhikar agitation programmes. One of the portions of this agitation, as announced by Thakor MLA was gathering of unemployed youths opposite the gate of Maruti car factory in Bechraji area. It should be mentioned here that MLA of Bechraji is one of Alpesh Thakor loyalists who won assembly election last year.

The agitation announced by Thakor Sena which was originally scheduled for later portion of September was later postponed to October.

On September 24, in a discussion of Gujarati news channel ABP Asmita, Alpesh Thakor first said, ‘our style of agitation is very clear. We don’t do violence anywhere. We don’t breach low.’

But after just few minutes, in same interview, Alpesh said, ‘if companies don’t give 85% jobs to locals, tyres will be cut, trucks will be damaged …….. you will see how army of lions hit roads…….. you will see red color on my shirt, red color is our identity, our agitation will be such this time.’

Alpesh was speaking in reference to his ultimatum that if companies and government fail to accept his demand of employment to local over outsiders, the agitation will enter into violence phase post Dussehra. Alpesh had declared burning of Ravana of unemployment on Dussehra.

He had also said, ‘murdo ki charcha nahi hoti, mardo ki hoti hai.’ He apparently wanted to show his mardangi believing that it will pay up him.

Soon after this, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had in a public meeting said his government would bring low for 80% employment to Gujaratis and 25% to locals of respective area in industrial and service sector companies in Gujarat(At present 85% jobs to Gujarati domicile holder is already in place).

Before Alpesh’s scheduled agitation, the unfortunate incident of rape on 14-month old toddle involving a 19-year old boy from Bihar happened near Himmatnagar town of Sabarkantha district which as we can see advanced the trouble after Alpesh gave it a twist of migrant vs us through a Facebook live video.


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