Attack on Non-Gujaratis: Social media message about ultimatum to Rahul Gandhi to oust Alpesh Thakor goes viral

Ahmedabad: Amid attacks on non-Gujaratis, a message on social media in the name of North Indians demanding ouster of Alpesh Thakor from Congress and a related ultimatum to party president Rahul Gandhi has also gone viral.

The message claims that if Alpesh who was mainly responsible for the attacks, was not thrown out of Congress by October 15, then in all the north Indian states including Bihar, UP, MP, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, an oath campaign to not to vote for Congress all life would be started.

Notably, Alpesh, the self styled president of Thakor Sena and Congress MLA from Radhanpur, is being held responsible for all the chaos in Gujarat against non-Gujaratis even though he is denying it. The attack which started a few days ago after the arrest of a youth from Bihar in connection with the rape of a 14 month old girl in Dhundhar village of Sabarkatha district in North Gujarat. The members of Thakor sena had held angry and violent demonstrations in front of the factory in which he used work.

Alpesh, incidentally, is also the co in-charge of Congress in Bihar.

The message in Hindi says that Thakor Sena of Alpesh was responsible for attacks. It is the same Alpesh whom Congress has made party in-charge in Bihar and now he and his people were attacking North Indians living in Gujarat. It looks like the dual policy of Congress. When Gujarat police showed strictness and booked 300 hooligans for attack, this Alpesh Thakor has stood up for them and asking the state government to release all of them in 72 hours. This message should be shared more and more so that Rahul Gandhi oust him from the party. If he did not do that then we would start an oath campaign across all the states of North India regarding taking a pledge to not to vote for Congress all life.


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