Alpesh Thakor says his hate videos in circulation are from pre-election time and old, when applied check how old they were actually

Gandhinagar: When he was shown his video in which he is seen delivering hate address, Congress leader Alpesh Thakor during his conversation to English news channel Times Now in his defense said the video was old and it belonged to pre – election time(Gujarat went to general election in December 2017).

There are two videos in circulation in which Alpesh Thakor is seen threatening violence and spreading hate.

One video is from his Alpesh Thakor led Gujarat Kshatriya Thakor Sena’s ‘Berojgar Mahasammelan’ at Bechraji. It was delivered on 17 September 2018. Alpesh’s cadre had uploaded the video of Alpesh’s speech at Bechraji on Facebook on 18 September ( ) Relevant portion of this video is in circulation online (presented below). Link of news report on Bechraji public meeting of Alpesh in which he delivered this speech was published local newspaper Sandesh dated 18 September( ). Therefore it should be easily believed that the video is from third week of last month.

The other short video in circulation is from Gujarati news channel ABP Asmita’s facebook live video discussion dated 24 September 2018, or the last week of September. It is available in full length on Facebook ( ).

Thakor Sena’s agitation which is being linked to attacks on migrants started during the first week of October.

None of two videos in circulation are old therefore. And Alpesh’s attempt to rescue self from his remarks doesn’t make sense.


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