Roots of attacks on migrants in Alpesh Thakor’s discourse, watch this video for example

Bechraji: Roots of attacks on migrants in Thakor community dominated areas of North Gujarat following Congress leader and MLA Alpesh Thakor led Thakor Sena agitation are very much in Alpesh’s discourse.

Last month on September 18, Alpesh addressed a public meeting in Bechraji in Mahesana district of North Gujarat. A video of his speech is available online on Facebook ( ).

Alpesh in his speech said, ‘outsiders do crime here, crimes rate has gone up, clashes with villages are up, they(the outsiders) beat up commoners in villages, do crime and then go back to their place.’

Alpesh threatens violent agitation post Dussehra if locals are not given job replacing outsiders. He said if companies don’t do that, ‘trucks will be stopped and gates will be broken…. containers will be stopped, if needed tyres of trucks will be cut.’

Alpesh asked the name of officials of companies such as Maruti, Honda and others. When he was told that in one company Rajesh Yadav was person to approach, Alpesh said, ‘maaro beto Rajeshbhai Yadav…..(look) he has come from there(U.P./Bihar) to grab(our job here).’


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