Leopard enters State Secretariat campus in Gandhinagar, moves out; forest department carry out massive search operation

Update: After four-hour search, a leopard that had entered into secretariat at 2.00 am last night was spotted outside Sachivalaya area through CCTV, said Rajiv Gupta, ACS, Environment and Forest and added that Sachivalaya was now opened. He said location can’t be shared at this juncture as leopard is yet not caught. However, it is learnt that Leopard has been traced in the area between Raj Bhavan and Police Vann. The area is cordoned off in order to search, locate and capture the leopard. ACS Rajiv Gupta said, 400 persons including 200 from police force and 200 from forest department were part of the search operation that went on through morning in Sachivalaya campus. He said each and every corner of secretariat campus was searched. He said 8 to 10 teams are now moved out to locate, search and catch the leopard. He said there’s 50 square km area of bushes near Gandhinagar which fall in four districts. There are leopards in this area. It’s not unusual that leopard has been located in Gandhinagar.

Earlier story

Gandhinagar: Wild leopard has been spotted at State Secretariat campus today morning, following which cages are placed and tranquilliser guns are brought in to the campus.

Additional Chief Secretary of Forest department Rajiv Gupta said,” expert teams from nearby districts are called, cages are placed and tranquilliser guns are also brought in. Forest department staff ranging from beat guards to senior most forest officials is present in the campus in around 100-strength and the issue will be solved soon. Gandhinagar and surrounding area has presence of wild life and it can travel 20-25 km during night. This could be a leopard strayed from its natural habitat.”

A wild leopard was spotted by security person Jashwantbhai at 2.00 am in State secretariat which is known as Sachivalaya. CCTV footage shows that leopard entered into Sachivalaya campus from below the gate number 07.