Videos of long queues at Statue of Unity site go viral on social media

Vadodara: These and more such videos of long queues at Statue of Unity site have been viral on social media. Reasons for rush; 1. It’s Diwali vacation and lot of people from nearby cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat – three most populated and rich cities of Gujarat are choosing to visit Statue of Unity, 2. Statue of Unity has been recently opened by Prime Minister and it has attracted global publicity, therefore lot of people from across India too are choosing to pay a visit, 3. As the attraction is new, many would like to visit it for once. Gradually the flow will slowdown or at least streamline.

Gujarat government has issued a note today morning advising visitors to plan their visit looking at the capacity of maximum 5000 persons that can be brought up to the gallery through two lifts daily. Online booking of deck ticket ceases once daily quota of 5000 is over. However those rushing for offline booking stay disappointed when denied ticket post 5,000 quota. The queues are also formed for boarding a bus from parking area (near Shreshtha Bharat Bhavan) to Statue of Unity site.


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