Anant Ambani visits Dwarkadhish temple with Radhika Merchant, offers to rebuild old Rasoi Ghar of temple

Dwarka: Dwarkadhish temple here will get new Rasoi Ghar (kitchen) building subject to approval by Archaeological Survey of India(ASI).

Reliance family’s Anant Ambani visited Dwarka mandir along with his fiancee Radhika Merchant and others on Gujarati new year day and perform puja of golden charan paduka. Later Ambani and others visited Bhog Bhandar(Rasoi Ghar) of temple and had Rajbhog prasad. He observed old Rasoi Ghat which is in poor condition and offered its reconstruction with shikhar like structure atop. Ambani made related announcement, implementation of which will be subject to ASI approval.


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